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Basics to Essential Oils

Essential oils have been around for a while and have been gaining popularity the past year. I just started getting into them this past winter and don’t think I can go back to not using them! The number of uses for them is endless- skin issues, dietary supplements, immunity boosting, and more. My personal favorite and the most popular is …

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Take Care of Yourself by Putting These Protective Factors into Play for Yourself

Sometimes it feels like life, our employers, our teachers, our families, and our friends expect a lot from us. Additionally, it can be hard to remember to take care of ourselves and our well-being once we become bombarded with these expectations. The secret is, if we want to fulfill our job, family, school, and work roles to the best of our ability, …

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Three Benefits of Listening to Bird Songs

I’m sitting outside working in the cool morning air as the summer sun casts an inviting orange light on everything. It’s completely silent, except for the sound of birds singing all around me—mostly Northern Mockingbirds, House Sparrows and Mourning Doves. Although I’m lucky enough to be able to work around the comforting song of birds, not everyone enjoys the luxury …

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Challenge: Must Read Books for the Summer

Now that it’s finally the end of the semester, there’s more free time for reading that doesn’t involve from a textbook. A good book to get lost in is personally one of my favorite ways to relax, unplug from other distractions, and help my stress melt away. I also love to challenge myself to read a certain number of books …

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How Cycling Works To De-Stress

From squishy foam balls to meditative mantras, we all look for ways to reduce stress in our life. If your job is demanding, your household chores are weighing on your mind or if you just need a few moments to yourself, cycling is a fun and therapeutic activity to help you de-stress. If you don’t already own a comfortable, stylish …

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Here’s How To Better Deal With Crowded Spaces

crowded spaces

Have you ever been to a concert or event and the first thought that pops into your mind is “I don’t know how long I’m going to be able to handle this crowd.” Yeah me too. I love concerts, festivals, parties etc… but I always feel a tad bit uncomfortable with people constantly bumping into me when they’re trying to …

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Feeling Crappy? Turn on Some Music

A Good Tune Never Hurt Nobody Music is something magical. It’s a band aid for all of life’s emotional wounds and an outlet to express the pent up emotions felt inside. The best part? There is something for everyone. If you like upbeat and poppy, there’s Taylor Swift, Arianna Grande, Justin Beiber. If you’re into rap, there’s Jay-Z, Eminem, 2Chainz, …

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Common Ways Stress Effects Your Mind, Body, & Behavior

common ways

Whether it short-term annoyances like getting stuck in traffic or trying to sort through the emotional process of a major life event like divorce or losing a job, stress is a part of all of our every day lives. Stress is a highly personal experience. One person’s stressful situation might be another person’s exciting adventure. It all depends on how …

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Yoga Poses & Stretches To Help Soothe Muscle Soreness

Ever go push through hard workout (aka a long distance run or that kickboxing bootcamp class you’ve been dreading to go to) and feel completely sore the next day? I’m talking about the kind of hurt where you’re walking funny or can’t lift your arms past a certain point. Having sore muscles after an intense workout is very common, especially …

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Autogenic Training: The Best Kept Secret to Relaxation

autogenic training

Autogenic training is the best-kept secret to relaxation and combating stress. The technique incorporates repetitious visualization techniques to invoke almost a self-hypnotic state, triggering relaxation. It takes anywhere from 10-15 minutes to perform but the benefits speak for themselves. Learning a technique such as this one, can help you cope with life’s daily stressors. Through its ability to completely relax …

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