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Building a New Habit

Creating a new habit can be one of the hardest things for people to do.  That’s why you see so many “New year’s resolutioners” not sticking to their plan.  If you go in blind it can almost surely be set up for failure.  Here is your strategy guide to creating that new habit.


The key to building a new habit is to understand your current ones.  If you can figure what makes you break the new habit, then you’ll be in a better position to fight the urge to break it.


The best way to start is by choosing a goal that is easily within reach.  For example, if you would like to start running 5 miles a day, start by running 2 miles a day, this is going to increase your confidence with the challenge, by making it easy enough you will be able to remain consistent and the 5 miles will seem a lot more reachable than before.


After being able to remain consistent for a week for two it’s time to increase the volume.  So, going back to the running example, every day increase the distance traveled.  When I say increase I mean by a very small number.  Instead of increasing by a mile a day, increase by short intervals like 0.2 miles a day.  Small improvements will add up fast.  Start slow and be consistent!


There will be hard times, but the best possible thing to do is to get back on track quickly.  Everyone makes mistakes and commits errors, that means you are human.  You shouldn’t expect to fail, but you need to plan for failure.  It’s vital to have a backup plan for if something goes wrong.  For example, if you’re dieting and eat something not on your diet, you need to know how to recover.   Whether that be by having alternatives around like pre-made meals, healthy snacks, etc.


Breaking a habit is a marathon not a sprint.  If you can be patient, you are more likely to succeed.  Just remember why you started and continuing bettering yourself every day.

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