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The One Thing You Should Do During Every Staff Meeting

Lets face it, staff meetings can be boring. Often times, employees are wonder why managers just don’t send out an email going over the points they wanted to hit. It’s quicker and more convenient. However, most managers use meetings as a time for productivity, brainstorming, and building team morale. If you’re feeling like your staff meetings need a boost, make sure your include energizers into your next meeting agenda.

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What are energizers?!

An energizer is any activity that can be used to warm up a team or promote group interaction. Icebreakers are often seen as energizers. However, when most people hear the word “icebreaker” they immediately grown and think of awkward group talk. There’s a difference, I promise!

Icebreakers are great for when people don’t really know each other (aka the first or second meeting). Energizers are used boost energy either before or during a team meeting. They have a deeper purpose by creating a greater capacity to brainstorm and increase creativity. Who wouldn’t want that in a meeting?!

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There are so many examples of energizers out there. With that being said, here are some of my favorites! Check out full descriptions of each activity here!

  1. Introduce Activities: Seating Plan, Marooned, Who’s Done That, Two Truths & A Lie, And Chaos
  2. Introduce A Topic: Word Tree & Individual Lead-in Questions
  3. Team Building Activities: All Tied Up, Build A Car, Rain, Phrase Ball, and Three Way Communication

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