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Best Protein Snack On The Market

Protein Snacks are a dime a dozen anymore. Walk into any connivence store and you will see a whole shelf devoted solely to protein or power snacks. There are cliff bars, power bars, nutrition bars, and everything in between. It even seems like they are trying to turn snacks that are not associated with protein into a protein snack, have you ever seen protein popcorn, it is a thing now. With all of these different snacks hitting the market it is hard to try them all and find the one that has the right mix of taste and health. Well I have good news for you. I have tried many and I also have a degree in dietetics so I know some things about nutrition, and I have found the best tasting, high protein, healthyish one there is.

They are a protein snack that is a cookie made by a company called Lenny and Larry’s. They also make brownies but we are focusing on the cookies which I absolutely love. Their cookies have 16 grams of protein while packing 8 grams of fiber making them a perfect protein snack to both fill you up and fuel you up. They have a variety of flavors to choose from that are all delicious depending on your preference. ┬áMy personal favorites are snickerdoodle, double chocolate, and birthday cake. These cookies are not that expensive either, generally running about 2.50 in most stores. This is comparable to other protein snacks like cliff bars.

If you have never tried Lenny and Larry’s cookies I suggest you give them a try. You no longer have to sit at the shelf trying to decide which protein snack is gonna be healthy while still tasting good. Just grab a Lenny and Larry’s and you are set. The only decision you will have to make is flavor.

By GUADS Staff Aston

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