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Photo: George's Market at Dreshertown

Best Grilled Vegetables For Warmer Weather

With all the warm weather we’ve been having recently (at least if you’re on the East Coast), I can’t wait to grill more. I normally just throw on chicken, steak, or salmon which is probably the majority of what you do too. (Side note here are the 5 best steak cuts for the grill.) However, while you’re enjoying a good steak… don’t count out grilled vegetables as one of the great food ingredients to use on your Weber Genesis S-330.

Methods to Prep & Cook Grilled Vegetables

There are many different ways to prep and cook vegetables on the grill. You can always place them right on the grill if you’re looking for a good charred flavor. However, make sure you use some type of cooking spray so they don’t stick. Another great way to cook them is by using many types of veggies and making a kabob. It’s a great way to keep it interesting and add a variety of foods. Another method is to cook the vegetables while they’re wrapped in aluminum foil. This makes for easy clean up.

Vegetables normally take anywhere 3-10 minutes on the grill (MUCH) less time than meat! Make sure you’re mindful of that and plan out the rest of your cooking preparation accordingly.

I normally add a little olive oil and S&P. However, play around with different herbs and spices. Don’t forget to add some garlic in the mix.

Photo: Olga’s Flavor Factory

Best Vegetables for Grilling

  1. Corn: especially when it’s in season in the summer
  2. Eggplant: many people don’t think of this veggie, but it’s one of my favorite ways to cook eggplant. Also it’s SO much healthier than eggplant parm.
  3. Zucchini & yellow squash: these are very similar vegetables for me so I always kind of lump them into the same category.
  4. Bell peppers: try red, yellow, and orange peppers to add some color to your meal
  5. Asparagus: AMAZING.
  6. Cremini mushrooms: not all mushrooms work for the grill, these are great for vegetable kabobs
  7. Onions & carrots: again, I always cook these two together.
  8. Artichokes: for when you’re feeling extra gourmet
  9. Green beans: I originally had thought of these, but it gives them a great texture.

Article written by GUADS staff member, Christina

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