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The Art of a Good Nap

Everyone loves a good nap, but not every nap is a good nap.  Have you ever thought about what makes a good nap great?  There is actually some science behind it.


Why do we need naps?

They help us stay at peak mental and physical performance.  Its good for all ages.  Research suggests that its almost essential.  The study showed that those who did not nap saw more anxiety, less joy, less interest, and less cognitive function when it comes to problem solving.  This makes sense when you think of corporate giants like Google and Apple who allow their employees to take naps on the job.


How to take the perfect nap:

Step 1: Watch the time.  According to research a nap should be under 20 minutes.  Staying under 20 minutes allows you to only enter the first two stages of sleep (there are 4) and minimize the chance of waking up feeling lethargic and groggy.  Naps of this length have shown to improve concentration, mood, motor skills, and alertness.

Step 2: A quiet and dark place.  Sounds like a no brainer but limiting the dsitractions around you will make for that much better of a nap.

Step 3: Lie down.  Im sure you have all seen it either in school or on an airplane, the person folded in half fast asleep.  Chances are youre going to wake up with neck and back pain making that nap less effective.

Step 4: Set an alarm.  Sleeping longer than intended will ruin step 1 (the most important step) entirely.  So make sure when you set an alarm, not to snooze it!


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