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Add Activity to Your Commute

There is an easy way to add activity to your daily life that most people forget about. We all commute somewhere everyday, whether it be to work, the gym, school, errands. We all travel somewhere and I am willing to bet that the only for of transportation most of us use is our cars. Trust me I was one of them as well until recently when I moved closer to work and school, but also when my car broke. It forces you to add activity to whatever you do.

It is a fairly simple idea. Try and add a bike or a walk into your daily errands or commute. As long as it is not raining I will pretty much exclusively ride my bike to and from where ever I am going. It makes me feel that much more accomplished for my day. I personally can tell the difference. Most of last year I only drove places due to my house being farther away but there were many times when I could have biked work walked but I did not. Now this year it is the opposite I bike or walk most places. Because of this I can really tell the difference. I have lost a fair bit of weight that I put on last year and I feel I have more endurance when doing activities during the day. If it is possible for you to bike to work or where ever I highly recommend it. Add activity to your daily commute.

Those that are unable to bike places or work I have a simple solution to help you add activity. How many of us always try to find the closest spot where ever we are going. Many times driving around the parking lot looking for it. I know I did. Easy way to be more active is to just park as far away in the parking lot as possible. It is not going to be that far of a trip but those short distances add up to a lot of steps over a day. Plus added bonus you do not have to worry about your car being dinged up.

So start trying to add some activity to your daily commute and travels. It is simple and effective way to increase your steps or physical activity and lead to positive health outcomes.

By GUADS Staff Aston

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