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7 Dangers of Over-Drinking Energy Drinks

Today consuming caffeine is normal, some people can’t even start their day without it.  Nurses taking the night shift, construction workers up early, students just trying to focus on their studies, and so so many more helps you understand why the numbers of caffeine sales are growing.   Growing as in billions of dollars.  Like everything, moderation is key.  When you drink too many energy drinks there can be severe and even fatal consequences.


  1. Headaches and Migraines: Not only can the excess sugar kill your head but symptoms of caffeine withdrawal can be severe.
  2. Insomnia: The purpose of energy drinks is to keep people awake, and they do a pretty good job. Almost too good in fact causing people to have trouble falling asleep altogether.  Making the original problem of trying to stay awake even harder.
  3. Addiction: When you rely on energy from the energy drinks addiction can become a real issue. Some people may struggle to function without them and put others at risk.
  4. Increases Anxiety: Research suggests that larger dos of caffeine can make some feel an increase in anxiety and even lead to panic attacks.
  5. Cardiac Arrest: For starters, those with underlying heart conditions are much more susceptible to cardiac arrest. Studies show that energy drinks can cause forceful heart contractions which eventually can lead to certain heart conditions.
  6. High Blood Pressure: Energy drinks have been proven to show an increase in people’s blood pressure. For those with normal blood pressure this may not be so concerning but for those with already higher blood pressure, they are at an increased risk for stroke and other health problems.
  7. Stress Hormone Release: Studies have been shown that 240 mg of caffeine of Rockstar Energy Drink cause an increase in stress hormone release.

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