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67,000 Burpees – Brilliant, or just insane?

For anyone all-too-familiar with bodyweight routines, most worth their salt will incorporate the blood-curdling burpee for the ultimate fat-burn.
While the two-syllable move is enough to strike fear into most earnest gym goers and HIIT junkies, it seems that there’s some of us who simply can’t get enough of this body-burner. One of whom is Craig Peters, a father-of-three who has been been adding one burpee a day to his routine since the beginning of the year.


If you don’t fancy doing the math, at the time of writing he’s up to doing 314 burpees in a single day. All before work, too.
When he wraps up his challenge, he will have thrusted his way through a whopping 67,161 burpees. Of course, he’s not a masochist for willing this on himself – but instead a philanthropist.

Each gut-busting burpee will be in the name of charity, as Peters raises awareness for TTTS — twin transfusion syndrome, a disease that affects identical twin pregnancies —a syndrome that he’s been affected by first hand during his childrens’ birth, and helped through by the staff at St George’s Hospital.

Needless to say, Men’s Health caught word and were immediately impressed — and, admittedly, a little jealous of his resolve — so took a seat to with him to talk all things burpees.

If you want to help Craig rack up some bigger numbers, head to his Just Giving page.

Want to see Craig Peters and his burpees in action? Check out:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AINZpKIFxgI

Article taken from Menshealth.co.uk

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