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5 Apps That Can Help You Find Meaningful Motivation

As a full-time graduate student, I’m not exactly eager to pick up another book, even if it promises to have all of the answers to my life problems inside.  While I’m sure self-help, mindset, and motivational books can certainly help motivate people to exercise, improve their eating patterns, or finally clean their room, picking up a book that’s not a textbook can feel overwhelming for me during the semester. That’s why I’ve chosen to look for motivation elsewhere: Mobile Apps.


Here’s a short list of motivational apps I’ve tried and would recommend:


Think Up

This app provides positive affirmations and motivational quotes to you on a daily basis. Think up helps you find inspiration, personalize your affirmations, set notifications, and choose quotes from an array of categories such as ‘self-confidence’, ‘health’ or ‘weight loss mental support’. You can even add your own music!

Price: FREE

Complaints: Can’t select multiple categories at once, only one at a time.



This app gives you the motivation you need, whether it’s to hit the gym, prepare for an important conversation you need to have, or maybe just cook dinner instead of ordering take out again. The motivation here comes in the form of both quotes and short audio speeches.

Price: FREE


Daily Quote – Quotes, Motivational & Inspirational

This app provides short and powerful words for the wise on a daily basis.  You’re given the option to save or share your favorite quotes and create custom folders for your quotes.

Price: FREE



This app gives users personal development articles and content, training videos and podcasts.  It provides education by removing user’s perceived barriers that are between themselves and their goals.

Price: FREE




This app is very different from the others. It provides guided meditation for those who routinely meditate and for those who have never tried it! Each day you meditate, you are able to unlock new levels of guided meditation.  Additionally, you can use the app to set alarms to remind you to meditate each day.

Price: FREE


I typically seek motivation through meditation because I find it easiest to do things once I’ve cleared my head.  I am the most intimidated/unmotivated to do things when my mind is cluttered. This app helps me become more self-aware and present, which helps me start new tasks with ease.

It’s true that motivation apps may not work for everyone. What motivates you? Decluttering of the mind (like me?) The right Spotify playlist? Journaling? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


Article by GUADS staff member Rachel

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