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The 3 Things I Want To Do More Of This Year

As you read the title of this article, I bet I can guess what you’re thinking…New Years was over 4 months and this sounds like one of those  resolution posts. Yes and no. This post is about using your time to look at what you really want to do with your year and use those reflections to set better goals for yourself. This type of thinking doesn’t only have to be done around January 1! Plus, since i’m graduating with my master’s in 2 weeks, it feels like a whole new chapter (year) t0 me.

The truth is I have absolutely no idea what my life is going to look like in the next couple of months. As a avid planner, the idea of the unknown used to completely freak me out. However, I’ve learned to better go with the flow and embrace any opportunity that comes my way. (I may or may not be in a super optimistic mood right now… lol). With that being said, here are the 3 things I want to do more of this year:

1. Accomplish a goal I set for myself (and myself only). 

So, I’m kind of already doing this “thing” before writing this post, but I’ve always wanted to train for and run a half marathon. I’m happy and proud to say that I will be running my first one next Sunday (shout out to Chester County Half Marathon event!) The important part of this thing is that I’m setting this goal completely for myself. I’m definitely learning to make ME a priority.

2. Learn to embrace change. 

Change is extremely tough of me and always has been. This year, I’m being forced into the most change I’ve ever experienced in life. It seems like nothing is staying the same. However, I can either let it drown me or I can let it lead to some type of awesome new experience (I’m hoping the latter especially with the whole job hunting thing right now.)

3. Get better at keeping up with friends/family. 

I’ve always been terrible at day to day communication with friends and family. I just get busy with daily tasks and I don’t always have my phone on me to keep up constant communication. However, when I do reconnect with people (even if it’s everyone once in a while), I feel significantly more happy and satisfied with life. I just need to better define what “keeping up” means. Whether its reaching out to a friend one a week or once a month… I just need to remember it’s a two-way street and I can’t always wait for people to come to me.

At whatever point in time your “year” starts, just think…what are your things or priorities in life that you want to do or improve upon during these next 365 days around the globe?? 


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Article written by GUADS staff member, Christina

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