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10 Best Workout Channels on YouTube

Let’s face it- gym memberships can be expensive. Plus, there are moments where you might be crunched for time. You want to get a workout in, but can’t make the drive to the gym. Well, thanks to the world of YouTube, there is an incredible fitness community. If you’re looking to update your subscriptions, here are some recommendations.

1. BeFit

Why we love it: Top trainers mean we get the most from our workout every time.

The BeFiT channel from Lionsgate offers a new workout every single weekday. As well as these high-quality daily updates, they also offer a BeFiT in 90 days workout system as well as a number of 30 day systems including 30 day butt lift30 day six-pack abs and BeFiT in 30 extremedesigned to shed extra pounds and target specific problem areas.

The channel has a huge range of videos to suit any workout, including those looking to burn fat, sculpt muscle, tone up and slim down. They offer fun dance fitness sessions and even Pilates. BeFiT boasts a great bunch of top fitness trainers like Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Jane Fonda, and many more.

2. Blogilates

Why we love it: Cassey’s exuberant manner is infectious and can keep us going for hours.

Cassey Ho of Blogilates is the lively and peppy host of this workout channel. The POP Pilates instructor offers a wide range of fun and colourful videos which promise to get you fit while having fun. Uploaded once a week, her videos include “Hot Summer” POP Cardio Dance WorkoutFlat Belly Fat Burner POP HIITThigh Trimmer and Butt Lifter Workout and Slim Waist POP Pilates.

The channel also includes videos on diet and nutrition.  She offers series such as ‘cheap clean eats’ uploads to make use of alongside your workout. A certified fitness instructor, Cassey’s talkative manner helps you keep your energy levels up and stay motivated. Most of all, the animated hits playing in the background help too.

3. The Daily HIIT

Why we love it: Shorter videos make our daily HIIT squeezable into even the busiest of days.

With all the hype surrounding HIIT at the moment, The Daily HIIT channel is bang on trend. Updated daily, they describe themselves as your ‘24 hour fitness training pal’. They also offer high-intensity exercise videos aimed at a variety of different areas to help you achieve your personal body goals. Their workouts include HiitReps, HiitBody, HiitCore and even Yoga. Their trainers are all in great shape and made to motivate.

4. FitnessBlender

Why we love it: Simplicity and a friendly duo mean we don’t feel under any unnecessary pressure when following this workout.

Fitness Blender on YouTube is a clean and easy to follow workout channel by husband and wife duo Daniel and Kelly. They offer over 300 full length workout routines with new videos uploaded every week. The channel covers a variety of areas including Pilates, bodyweight workouts, HIIT, strength training, cardio, kettlebell, yoga, circuit training and much more.

The workouts vary in terms of fitness level and difficulty. The team pride themselves on being able to offer something for everyone. If you are new to workout channels, the simplicity of Fitness Blender makes it a great place to start for an introduction into the mind-boggling world of online fitness.

5. Amanda Russell

Why we love it: Amanda understands our need to be bikini ready, making her the perfect go to girl for our Spring/Summer workouts.

Winner of YouTube’s ‘Next Up Trainer’ competition and former fitness consultant Amanda Russell merges her love of fitness, cooking, eating and style in her personal YouTube channel aimed at getting you to get fit while staying healthy. She uploads a video a week and sometimes more. The channel offers such workouts as Bikini Body PilatesTrain like a Supermodel Workout and Hot for the Holidays. She is featured in a number of well known publications like Women’s Health and Forbes. Amanda proves a friendly, engaging and well respected host and fitness instructor for your stay at home workout.

6. Diet.com

Why we love it: Here at Healthista we believe that exercise and diet go hand in hand, and love that this channel offers up a healthy serving of both.

The diet.com channel is great if you’re looking for more of an ‘all rounder’. This channel has over 500 videos, offering information on a range of topics. There’s diet, nutrition and health as well as providing a whole host of free workout videos for you to follow. A range of instructors work together to give this channel great variety with uploads. They have a Quick Burn Hip Series90 Second Circuit Training Workout and Medicine Ball Abs Exercise. Finally, they post on a weekly basis and cater for all fitness levels.

7. XHIT Daily

Why we love it: They promise to give us the legs of Jennifer Lawrence and the butt of Beyonce – need we say more?

We love this XHIT workout channel that allows you a sneak peak into the fitness lifestyles of the stars. Offering a new workout video every day, the main selling point of this channel is their Celebrity and Victoria’s Secret Model workout sections. The videos range from The Beyonce Butt Workout to How to Get Legs like Jennifer Lawrence. The channel includes a range of lower body, upper body and core strengthening exercises. Plus, there are well a number of seven day workout plans.

The instructors: Rebecca-Louise Smith, Kelsey Lee and Cynthia Dallas, are friendly and engaging, and guest Cancelappearances are sometimes made by industry experts such as Andrea Orbeck (trainer to the Victoria’s Secret Supermodels).

8. Tone It Up

Why we love it: Inspired by the perfect pair that host this channel, we’re more determined than ever to get that perfect beach body.

With the motto ‘Share, Love, Inspire, Sweat!’ Tone It Up has gained a lot of attention on social media in recent years. The charismatic (and absolutely gorgeous) pair who host the channel are Karena and Katrina. Tone It Up is all about giving you the perfect beach body. Their videos include such titles as Love Your Arms and AbsLove Your Legs and Booty, Abs and Arms. They also offer a wide range of alterative workouts from stretching and yoga to the Wedding series. The girls post several times a week and have previously been featured in a number of well known publications. This includes Women’s Health and Glamour magazine.

9. Tara Stiles

Why we love it: It’s yoga for all ability levels but it also gets results.

Tara Stiles is an American model turned yoga instructor who has enjoyed a number of successes in her career including designing and launching Reebok Yoga in 2012. Her channel boasts a range of yoga related workouts. These include ones you can do without even getting out of bed (sounds good to us). She posts videos on a weekly basis. Furthermore, she offers routines to suit all ability levels from beginners to fellow yoga gurus. Some of her titles include Strong Strala Core RoutineMorning Yoga for Energy and The Complete Guide to Yoga. Watch Tara’s videos for HealthistaTV – a 10-minute energising yoga routine and an interview about her new book, The Make Your Own Rules Diet.

10. Bodyrock TV

Why we love it: it’s shot well and Lisa-Marie is properly motivating, look amazing and the workouts are superbly  challenging.

Founder/instructor Lisa-Marie on Bodyrock TV is a pint-sized personal trainer (her body is one of the best we’ve ever seen and her abs are insane) and delivers real-time workouts that are superbly challenging and vary daily. They’re great if you’re tired of bog-standard workouts. She introduces moves you will have not seen before such as flying switch lunges, skip-centre side knee lifts and tonne more new stuff. Plus, along with the workouts, there are tutorials for the weirder moves so you learn to do them properly. The community aspect to the bodyrock.tv channel means you can snoop on lots of before and after pictures of ‘Bodyrockers’ (people doing the workouts at home) on their Facebook page (over 1.5 million fans) or website for further motivation.

Article taken from healthista.com.

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